Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems Engarm offer consists in planning and implementing systems based on ANN (Artificial Neural Networks). The ANN, are mathematical models trying to emulate the human central nervous system. Reproducing the learning mechanism of the human brain is their main goal in order to let the net interact with the outside without any human intervention, except the creative one. ANN are very useful because they can understand and detect any sort of systems, using only in and out data analysis, and it is essential for the applications whose data are very complex and also when the elaboration can be difficult.

ANN are successful used for the following tasks’ classes:

  • Approximation and regression’s functions, and among them the shaping and temporal series’ prevision;
  • Classification which includes generic detecting sequence and structure, news individuation and the decision- making processes;
  • Data processing, including the automatic data processing, filtering (noise ejection), clustering, signals separation and compression.

Application‘s fields include control systems (processes and vehicles control), pattern’s detection (faces and objects detection), sequence’s detection (sound, gestures, OCR detection), medical diagnosis, financial applications, data mining, spam filters for e-mails and so on.


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