Cloud Computing & Datacenter

Il Cloud Computing, known as Cloud, is a model used to share a series of computational resources (web, server, storage, applications, etc.) in a quick, suitable, configurable way, requiring a very little interaction provider-final user . In particular it makes the most of the advantages coming from the distributed nets, and finally it uses virtualized resources and internet protocol. Between the various distribution models, the Private Cloud, also called Business Cloud,  is the best one in meeting the requirements of saving costs of companies IT resources; it is the best one because it manages to perform it, using the fewest number of professional figures who deal with its maintenance. The Cloud let turn business It resources into different services, making them flexible, dynamic and economically profitable. Security and privacy are the strength in this model. Some of the benefits that the business companies have had using the Cloud model are the following:

  • Information and data can be shared among different devices, in different places, in a sure and easy way.
  • It removes the infrastructure’s management problem as a business one’s.
  • It guarantees to the system to be scalable. It allows to allocate potentially infinite resources. It let structure scale economies reducing the risks of an expensive investment in physical IT infrastructures not needed or not much used.
  • Costs are reduced thanks to the less consumptions of energy obtained optimizing the hardware and software IT resource’s use.
  • Hardware buying and licences costs are reduced.

Engarm Cloud offer consists in planning and implementing Cloud infrastructures through the most state-of-the-art technologies available on the market. All of our implementations follow these steps:

  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure.
  • Survey of the integration of the existing infrastructure.
  • Cloud infrastructure’s planning.
  • Cloud infrastructure’s implementation.
  • Business services migration into the new Cloud infrastructure.
  • Monitoring of the performances done by Cloud infrastructure.


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