Management & ERP

Engarm Management & ERP offer can be regarded as the implementation of an OpenSource platform running small and medium-sized enterprises.

More specifically, we use products in order to integrate, in a modular way, all the processes required by a business, like: accounting, selling, CRM, human resources, buying, production, warehouse management, management services, projects management, marketing campaign, data management, internal wiki, report, and so on. We can state that the ERP platform used is:

  • Complete, because it covers and it can manage every business areas, like buying, CRM, selling, production, general and analytic accounting, human resources, projects and so on;
  • Modular, because new forms can be added to manage more functional areas, and they are automatically integrated in the process;
  • Open, because you can create personal modules and forms according the different and various needs of every firm.


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