Electronic Planning

CDIC (Custom Design and Integrated Delivery) is Engarm’s paradigm about solutions in the Electronic Field, both board and microchip. Engarm trust in the Custom Design in according with specific needs of customers.

Consulting in Electronics Design Engarm offer his varied service working both remotely and visiting frequently his own customers. A parallel way to grant Engarm support to his customer and perform the project commissioned is deploying his associates at customer location.

Our design and develop features can complement easily the customer know-how. The main areas of intervention are:

  • Embedded, Hardware and Software systems, in anywhere operative systems (Windows, Linux, Android, . . . );
  • Microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSP, FPGA;
  • Firmware and software development;
  • Performing of multi-sensor platforms and Wearable Sensor Networks (WSN);
  • Digital electronics and microelectronics;
  • Analog electronics and microelectronics (Radio frequency, Power, Converters . . . ).

Engarm’s is able in performing the following tasks:

  • Specifications definition and different chance in using a new product but also an existent product;
  • Practicability test according user’s need;
  • new product’s plan (further information will be given in the following pages);
  • Re-planning some products;
  • Wage cut concerning projects which have been already implemented by the customer;
  • Improving the performance from a project that the customer is already using;
  • Proposing new technologies and integrating solutions in order to evaluate the revision of the variety of products;
  • Planning and lasting of the product.

Engarm’s team is able to assure and follow all the main steps during the production and life course of a new product. From the first idea, passing by the starting analysis, to its performing; it deals with the prototypes engineering, until the maintenance of the final products.

In the field of the electronic design, Engarm’s team, in particular, deals with:

  • Specification’s defining, according user’s requests;
  • Performing the CDA and the electronic circuit in order to move specifications;
  • Engineering and performing the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Prototype;
  • Testing the prototype by its own know-how based on the MBD (Model Based Design);
  • Validating the plan and the product, dealing with the certification process;
  • Starting and following the product going on a large scale;
  • Products maintenance.

The design plan’s goals can be the following: saving costs of products; maximization of performance, technologic contents and functions. The mix of two points above allow to give high quality product to the customer.

After the first prototypes, the customer might ask for a plan revision in order to have a different one from the originating one: it could happen in the case of new added functionality’s extensions of the product.

The revision can be implemented without compromising and changing the evaluations which had already been done when the product’s plan and general specifications were being done.



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